Iceland Guest House
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Class information
Proje Türü Yarışma Projesi
İşveren Bee Breeders
Yer İzlanda
Class detail

The project proposes an organic structure to be explored by the visitors as rich as the Iceland landscapes that surrounds it. The visitor who escaped the rigidity of urban environment should find refuge in the thermal guest house whose ambiguous intertwined voids offers immersive experience.


The article and photographs about Iceland’s nature (written-taken by Olafur Eliasson) emphasizes the uniqueness of those landscapes and the bodily experiences within. This perception of the relationship of the body and space is projected in the concept of the suggested structure.


Given site is taken as a volume to create the most possible unclear borders of inside-outside. The structure is neither extension of its environment nor totally disconnected from it. Stands in very indistinct. Playful paths and cave-like niches emphasise the body-environment relationship, any direction is possible while exploring the voids. There is no hierarchy among spaces, each space is open for variety of activities and possibilities.


Preveiling winds coming from the north-east could be controlled by keeping this corner solid. So, wind could be divided into two direction, and its hard effect could be minimized.


Program is set by carving the mass. Niches in variety sizes shelters activities from weather conditions. The structure formed in order not to dictate the program setup. Thus there is not one direction for flow, there could be as many routes as possible.