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Proje Türü Yarışma Projesi
İşveren Bee Breeders
Class detail

“open, sesame!”

To find a treasure, you must have the courage to look under some misterious covers. Among the crowd that surrounds you, between the all-urgent deadlines that pressure you, it is easy to pass by little pleasures of being with just yourself. But, be brave  to travel to the most steep, the most colorful, the deapest, the most captivating land of all. Discover yourself under “Sesame”, under the covers of “Thousand and One Nights”. All you need is to take heart  and say “open, sesame!”.

Sesame is a reading unit that can be situated in any flat surface to provide a storage for books to be exchanged, rack for up to 4 bicycles and 2 hidden covered reading space that the user can easily unveils from the earth. The Design solves the requirements of the project in a single refined unit which can be place into different urban or natural contexts. 

All requirements of the program are united in one unit that is available on  different places. The unit allows one to create a defined space for himself/herself by the opening action. In other words; the action becomes a ‘ritual’ for the one who is willing to create his/her temporary reading-space.

The unit consists of one bench with books in its two edges, two covers to open and bcycle lock-place on it. The mechanism facilitates the opening motion with the help of hyraulic pistols and two axed hinges that lift the cover piece which also carry the bicycle racks. When the cover is opened, it is carried by the structure of sitting piece which conterweights the cover. A net which  provides a comfortable reading experice to user, is hanged to this structure. 
The cover that is opened by the person who is willing to use the space, where bcycles are locked, -and it is usefull for shading. This shaded space provides a feeling of being secluded to the user and facilitates the transition to the reading state.

Although the unit is proper to set in anywhere, preferred orientation can be towards to the wider vista, so that the one could leave the chaotic city behind. 

Without opening sesame, the unit is usefull as well. The book section is available from the bench also. So the unit can also be used as a simple urban furniture that has a little library in it.